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DENALI’s Point of Sale (POS) solution is configurable for just about any size business or organization, from a small gift shop to a large, multi-location setup. A few of the many POS features include:

  • Single screen transactions (from start to finish) for quick and error-free sales
  • Easy and secure electronic transactions of credit/debit cards, gift cards, checks, and EBTs
  • Integrated inventory management with our Inventory module
  • Customizable sales entry screens, sales receipts, and invoices
  • Perform refunds, special orders, voids, register changes, and authorized override transactions
  • Enter account numbers up to 45 digits and 6 segments for nonprofits
  • Post multiple registers at once
  • Restrict employees to only authorized information
  • Control cash and balance books daily
  • Retrieve real-time reports on sales by item, salesperson, register, and store

Point-of-Sale Add-On’s

Financial and Sales Dashboards

One of the most popular features of our DENALI Accounting Software is the sales and financial dashboards, which bring you real-time, graphical reports about the trends, financial health, and sales of your organization. Management will be thrilled to have instant access to key financial information. Dashboards provide instant access to:

  • Financial Indicators (i.e., liquidity, leverage, operating cash)
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow
  • Sales by inventory, product, customer, employee, date
  • Sales trends (i.e., highest selling items, lowest selling items, inventory turnover)

Credit Card Authorization

Cougar Mountain Software offers a complete credit/debit card transaction solution for all of your payment authorization activities, including hardware, credit card authorizer, and payment processor.

We work with select vendors to provide fast and cost-effective solutions that function together to securely and efficiently process your payment transactions. We are PCI compliant, certified with major credit, debit, gift card, and check processors, and meet Visa’s Payment Application Best Practices (PABP).

Let Cougar Mountain Software help you process your sensitive payment transactions with ease and confidence.

POS Hardware

  • Industrial Strength Registers - Cougar Mountain Software offers point of sale registers designed to withstand the rigors of a retail environment. Terminals are built with durable components and fully tested prior to shipment.
  • Platform Stability - Cougar Mountain Software is built to support our hardware platforms. You can upgrade and add DENALI modules without future compatibility issues.
  • Premium Name Brand Components - Built with name brand equipment like Sanyo, Intel, Maxtor, Kingston, Sony, and Fortron, our registers are built with quality you can trust.

Gift Cards

Cougar Mountain Software has partnered with Givex Corporation to provide you with the ability to create reusable gift cards with your unique logo or design to sell in pre-set or flexible denominations.

Gift Cards provide a clear way for your customers to recommend your business to potentially new customers, while also giving a gift that provides the receiver a choice to buy exactly what they like.

Merchandisable for helping increase sales, secure so fraud and control are not an issue and driving customers to your website are just some of the reasons the traditional gift card has now become a $90 billion a year business globally.

Gift cards can motivate customers to make the first of many purchases. 41% of consumers have visited a retail store, hotel or restaurant they had never been before because they received a gift card for it. Furthermore, 72% of those first-time customers went back to the business at least once afterward.

Specialty Shop Software

For businesses that sell inventory with age restrictions, Specialty Shop allows you to verify a customer’s age at the time of sale. Specialty Shop also provides added flexibility for discount and sale items, coupons, promotional transactions, and stock with the same sku for individual items and boxes.

eCommerce Integration

Our eCommerce solution that integrates with DENALI and all other Cougar Mountain software to help you track and manage your inventory with your online sales in real-time. It also allows customers to track their orders, search inventory, and monitor their open invoices and account balances.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with POS:

"POS" is part of the Denali POS+Accounting line of products, developed by Cougar Mountain Software.

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