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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Cougar Mountain is continuing to support this program but is not actively selling this software. Cougar Mountain Software recommends you consider Denali POS+Accounting in substitution.

An Add-on for Tobacco, Beer and Liquor Retailers
Cougar Mountain Specialty Shop includes the features your specialty retail store needs in point of sale software. Our Point of Sale system helps you control your cash and inventory and can optionally provide a link to your back office accounting. Add Specialty Shop and you have a powerful business management tool.

Buydown/Coupon Codes
Cougar Mountain Specialty Shop allows you to attach a buy down/coupon code (automatic discount to be taken at the time of the sale) to specific items. The codes can also be set up with date ranges during which the buy down/coupon code will be in effect. After the sale, you can run a report listing discounted items, amounts of the discounts, and dates the discounts were taken.

Buy One, Get One Promotional Pricing
Set up a promotion where the customer can buy a specified number of items and receive a number of either the same item or a different item at a discounted price. (Buy two/get one free)

Age Verification
The software allows you to specify items requiring age verification at the time of sale. This feature is especially important to tobacco and liquor stores. Age verification can either prompt the user for the customer’s birth date (and stop the transaction if the date isn’t within legal range), or a comparison date will appear on the sales entry screen.

Multi-Pack Pricing
Identify different packages of the same item in inventory. For example, a store may sell cigars or ice cream bars individually or by the box. Either way the product is sold, the same UPC code is scanned. The clerk specifies when they scan the UPC whether the purchase is a single item or a box. You can also establish buydowns/coupons or promotional pricing for a specified multi-pack of an item.