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CMS Professional Accounting

A full accounting software system designed by Cougar Mountain Software for startups and small organizations.
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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Cougar Mountain is continuing to support this program, however, they are not actively selling new versions of the software. Cougar Mountain Software recommends you consider Denali Business+Accounting in substitution.

CMS Professional Accounting is an integrated set of accounting software modules that allow you make informed financial decisions by helping you:

  • Manage your cash flow
  • Monitor your profitability
  • Track your inventory
  • Create custom reports

Though the package includes six core modules, a suite of optional add-on modules, including bank reconciliation and payroll, allow you to customize your software to help you manage your business better.

Each module is integrated with the others so when a transaction is completed, the other modules are automatically adjusted to reflect the change. This will not only save you time and employee costs, the accuracy of your financial records will significantly improve. And with security access authored into each module, audit trails cannot be altered.

AaTrix State and Federal Forms

Cougar Mountain has partnered with Aatrix, a provider of payroll tax forms, to offer a solution for preparing state and federal payroll forms. Aatrix forms integrate with Cougar Mountain software data to instantly prepare payroll forms, populate fields, and offer printing and electronic filing options. Updates include changes to federal and state payroll tax forms as well as enhancement to the software program.

Accounts Payable

Getting your payables out on time with accuracy is a key to long term business survival and Accounts Payable takes all the worry out of paying your bills. High level cash management features make sure you never pay a bill too early or too late and that you always know when you can take advantage of early payment discounts. Accounts Payable turns your payables into another profit center.

Accounts Receivable

Never let a receivable slip through the cracks again! Accounts Receivable manages all outstanding receivables with user-defined aging periods, dunning notices, and collection statements. You can easily set up credit limits for specified customers to ensure payment and limit risk.

Advanced Bill of Materials

Cougar Mountain Advanced Bill of Materials enhances the kit functionality of Cougar Mountain Inventory, allowing you to create kits from other kits for up to ten levels. Cougar Mountain Advanced Bill of Materials allows you to define and sell finished goods made of several layers of subkits and components without actually having to build them first. Save time, and money by selling the finished good when the customer wants it. No need to post inventory adjustment transactions that subtract the individual components and subkits from inventory and then add the finished goods to inventory.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation is a powerful self-audit module that reconciles bank statements with actual checks and deposits. Bank Reconciliation collects all information from your integrated Cougar Mountain modules and helps you quickly reconcile your bank account information. You’ll be able to spot discrepancies on reports like Check Register and Missing Check and resolve them quickly.

BarTender Label Generator

BarTender® Label Software is an integrated bar code generating solution. This easy to use solution gives you total control over the layout, design, and appearance of your organization’s barcodes. With BarTender, information on the barcode can be placed precisely where you want it.

CMShip Shipping Solutions

Every business constantly searches for ways to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Accomplish both objectives with CMShip from Cougar Mountain Software. We have separate products for our customers who ship using FedEx and for those who use UPS.

Credit Card Authorization

Cougar Mountain offers a complete solution for all of your credit card authorization activities. From the hardware to the credit card authorizer to the payment processor, we have a solution that fits your needs. Cougar Mountain has worked with select vendors to provide the fastest and most cost effective solutions in the industry. Solutions that work together seamlessly and allow you to securely and affordably make the transactions you need.


For businesses that need an affordable, flexible way of managing transactions over the Internet, Account Wizard® is e-commerce solution designed to save you time and ensure that inventory levels and pricing information are current and correct. Unlike many competing products, Account Wizard interfaces with and derives its information directly from your Cougar Mountain accounting system.

General Ledger

The Powerhouse of your Cougar Mountain Software, all modules post directly to General Ledger so you can view your up to the minute financial picture easily. General Ledger gives you the financial information you need when you need it. General Ledger is your best tool for total financial management.

GL Report Generator

Information is not useful unless it is actionable. The feature-rich data mining capabilities of Cougar Mountain GL Report Generator® puts the information you need right at your fingertips on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Reports include Budget vs. Actual, Current to Year-to-Date, Devise your own custom reports, Current to Quarter-to-Date, Current Year to Prior Year.


The level of control you have over your inventory can predict most retail success or failure. Cougar Mountain Inventory puts the control where it should be… in your hands. Detailed inventory reports provide minute detail on every aspect of your inventory. Best of all, Cougar Mountain Inventory handles even complex serialized inventory with ease.

Job Cost

Cougar Mountain Job Cost tackles all your tracking needs in one comprehensive solution. Cougar Mountain Job Cost will help you understand the true cost of each job whether you need a report to show only the bottom-line or item by item. Handling the cost accounting needs for contractors and manufacturers, Job Cost is perfect for any business that needs to build inventory items in house, or complete specific projects for customers. Close integration with other Cougar Mountain modules makes tracking cost information a simple, straightforward process.

Merchant Transaction Services

Process credit and debit cards at competitive rates through CMS Professional Point of Sale, Order Entry and Accounts Receivable. With our low rates, you can receive significant savings over your current transaction costs, plus you may qualify for a rebate of $1,000 or more when you choose our processor!

Credit and Debit Card Processing

CMS Professional Point of Sale uses PCCharge Pro by Verifone to process credit cards — an award-winning, Windows-based payment processing software product designed to save merchants time and money by providing powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. PCCharge Pro is a cost-effective solution for all business types, including brick-and-mortar merchants, e-Stores, and MOTO (mail-order/telephone order) shops.

Business Merchant Account Services

Credit and debit card processing is so much a part of today’s retail business that it is a commodity. However, the right processor can save you money (and ours will provide a rebate for selecting them!). Explore the rates and services provided by our partner, Pivotal Payments.

Automated Payment Transfers

Collect payments on customer receivables as electronic deductions directly from a customer’s bank account. We offer great rates and great service. And using Cougar Mountain Accounts Payable, you’ll be able to pay your vendors by automated deductions from your account.

POS Check Conversion

The newest release of Cougar Mountain Point of Sale gives you the ability to process consumer and business checks at the register, converting them to an electronic deposit into your business bank account. We’re confident you’ll save money. Using this process for business and consumer checks saves time, speeds deposits and simplifies your life. Receive a check today and have the funds available in your bank account within one day of your electronic deposit. Plus you’ll have live support, 24/7.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Give your employees the convenience of being paid through a direct deposit to their bank accounts using Cougar Mountain Payroll and save money versus your current processor. Many customers have found that they can submit their payroll list up to a day later, giving them more time to prepare commission and other payroll checks. Eliminate the hassle and expense of paper checks and provide funds to your employees sooner.

Multi Location Inventory

Multi-Location Inventory by Cougar Mountain puts an end to missing inventory, lost orders and big headaches. Know what inventory is in your back room, in your mobile units, across the street, or across the country at a glance. With Multi-Location Inventory, your sites can function separately but be effectively managed centrally.

Order Entry

Order Entry is a comprehensive sales module with a customizable screen for entry tailored to your business. Separate billing and shipping addresses allow you to easily handle the most complex orders. You’ll also be able to track cost, profit, marketing efforts and sales effortlessly since Order Entry maintains all sales history.

Purchase Order

Cougar Mountain Purchase Order manages and tracks purchases from the initial purchase until the final payment is made. It automates inventory ordering by generating a purchase order based on your requirements. Purchase Order integrates with Accounts Payable, Inventory, Job Cost and General Ledger. Purchase Order can also generate reports for Expected/Late Items, Late Receipts, Inventory Labels, Purchase Order History, Open Purchase Orders, Vendor Performance, Item History, and Receiving.

Tax Updates

Tax Updates provide you with the latest changes and updates based on current tax requirements. The 2006 PR Tax Update Utility contains all 2006 federal, state, and local withholding codes as well as all of the Payroll and Accounts Payable reporting forms for Tax Year 2005 - W2, W3, 1099, 1096 and the new 941 Form for 2006.

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