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You might wonder what could make legal calendar software for law firms any better than one of the free third party calendars…The answer is simple, it’s because Legal Calendar Software by CosmoLex is tightly integrated with the entire CosmoLex legal practice management & billing system in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Here are some examples of how CosmoLex’s unique integration of calendar, tasks and notes help you on a daily basis…

Every meeting, event & task is linked to a specific legal matter.

This solidifies your paper trail for every matter — making it easy to demonstrate compliance whenever the need arises. Even your Notes are tagged to matters.

Templated Workflows simplify and standardize commonly performed matter tasks.

You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” and set up a “to-do” list every time you start a new legal case file. CosmoLex legal calendaring software gives ability to create your own pre-defined workflows that automatically lay out a schedule of necessary and dependent tasks for most common matters. Using Templated Workflows, tasks stay on track, and you can be sure all required milestones for each task are met in sequence & on time.

Completed tasks & meetings are added to the billing workflow.

Your CosmoLex calendar & tasks help make sure that every billable activity actually gets billed! Any unassigned meetings and tasks will be caught by the CosmoLex ‘Money Finder’, expressly designed to make sure that every meeting and task is reviewed as a possible billable item — which is then pushed into the billing system automatically.

Legal Calendar Software & Task Manager by CosmoLex enables effective collaboration.

It’s mobile. It’s shared. And for those who like to stay with their Google Calendar – CosmoLex legal calendar software integrates with Google as well – which means that personal items can be marked “private”. Everyone on your team – even those beyond your firm, such as researchers or experts — can be included on the shared Calendar. And Anytime/Anywhere Cloud access makes your CosmoLex Calendar easy to keep current.

This is the kind of tight integration CosmoLex uses to save you countless hours & headaches every billing cycle. Not only does this save time, it also reduces errors, helps keep matters on schedule, and ensures that nothing “falls through the cracks.”

Custom Work Flows

Many legal matters follow a standard set of tasks for each case. For example a family law practice might have pre-defined workflows for a divorce without children, a divorce with children, and so on. Setting up dozens tasks by hand for each matter is time consuming – and if done in haste can lead to forgetting a crucial step.

CosmoLex legal calendaring software allows users to create default lists of tasks that can be easily added to new or existing matters. These “Custom Work Flows” not only save time, but also help maintain high quality standards for deliverables. With Custom Work Flows: all necessary milestones will be scheduled on your CosmoLex calendar automatically. Meetings will occur when they need to. Documents will be completed and filed on time, and you’ll know who to check in with on any one step.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Task & Calendar:

"Task & Calendar" is part of the CosmoLex line of products, developed by CosmoLex.