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Legal business accounting software from CosmoLex is designed to handle the unique and intricate legal-specific bookkeeping requirements. And because it is built-in as a fundamental component of the CosmoLex Cloud system, CosmoLex takes care of your law firm’s accounting in the background, automatically and accurately, as you perform your day to day practice management and billing activities.

Fully Integrated General Ledger Accounting

Our legal business accounting software includes a complete general ledger system that is fully integrated with legal billing, thus preventing any need for duplicate data entries or tedious export/imports into general accounting software.

Customizable Chart of Accounts

The lack of a legal-specific Chart of Accounts on your general ledger, and properly entering transactions to those accounts leads to fiscal reporting and compliance issues. Since CosmoLex is designed for law firms, we provide a complete chart of accounts out-of-the- box. Here are some of the legal specific accounts included with the system:

  • Client Trust Funds (Liability)
  • Client General Retainer – Trust (Liability)
  • Client General Retainer – Operating (Liability)
  • Advanced Client Costs (Asset)
  • Reimbursed Client Expenses (Direct) (Income)
  • Inhouse Reimbursed Expenses (Indirect) (Income)
  • Fee Income (Income)
  • Discount (Income)
  • Reimbursable Client Costs (Expense)
  • Non-Reimbursable Client Costs (Expense)
  • Unrecovered Client Expenses (Expense)

Prevent Accounting Mistakes

CosmoLex legal accounting software includes everything needed to stay in compliance with regulations that specifically pertain to lawyers. One of the biggest benefits of CosmoLex is its ability to prevent accounting mistakes. At every level, program is designed to protect and prevent lawyers from making accounting mistakes. For example:

  • Trust Retainers can only be posted to correct client funds liability accounts (and not to, for example, Fee Income.)
  • Trust payments used to pay client bills are formulated around sound accounting allocations with no manual steps required.
  • General office expenses can’t be posted as Advanced Client Costs or Reimbursable Client Costs.
  • Matter Costs can only be posted to Advanced Client Costs or Reimbursable Client Costs (and not to, for example, Office Rent.)
  • Once you specify your choice of account, the system will ensure that no user in your firm can make this critical error.
  • Invoice Payments, even partial payments, are properly allocated automatically.
  • For general office transactions, a warning is issued for potential errors; such as if a check is posted to an income or liabilities account, or a deposit is posted to an asset or expense account.

All law firms want to stay compliant, and they try complex maneuvers in general business accounting software. CosmoLex legal accounting software gives you a high level of sophistication that includes the following.

Import Electronic Bank/Credit Card Statements

Import electronic bank/credit card statements (QBO format) for automated data entries. This feature is useful to import monthly credit card transactions as these are normally entered on one statement becomes available. Built-in adaptive mapping rules corrects payee names and memorizes chart of account(s). You can even post matter cost related transactions while importing, thus preventing a major source of missed expense entries. This import feature is also used by new CosmoLex users in migration of their historical bank transactions.

Accurate Accounting for Hard & Soft Matter Costs

Matter Cost Accounting – Three simple words that make every lawyer wince for good reasons. It’s an area of law practice operations that is eternally unforgiving. Inadequate internal accounting procedures fail to capture matter related costs, resulting in lost revenue and, in some cases, tax and ethics compliance consequences. CosmoLex legal accounting software provides a number of tools to ensure compliance and profitability at the same time:

  • Matter cost transaction (e.g. payment by check or credit card) can be posted at the time of entry to a corresponding legal matter for future billing ensuring no profit leakage.
  • Hard costs can only be posted to your choice of account (advanced client costs or reimbursable client costs).
  • Soft Costs (e.g. billing for copies, mileage, etc which are already expensed as office expenses) can be billed to legal matters — and its reimbursement tracked separately.

Automated Revenue Allocation

A daily accounting activity at law firms is proper posting of invoice payments. Liabilities and costs must be paid first, prior to applying anything to income. Without a specialized legal business accounting software such as CosmoLex, this activity can often be time consuming, frustrating and prone to errors, which only get worse if partial payments are received. CosmoLex automates this complex activity 100%, and all users need to do is receive payments against invoices. Since legal business accounting software by CosmoLex has the exact breakdown of each invoice components, it automatically allocates revenue in this order: Liabilities, Assets, Expenses, Income. Whether a payment is partial, full or even extra, your accounting is automatic and accurate.

Track Income By Practice Area

Do you know which practice areas are most profitable, which practice area is your firm’s “rainmaker”, and which ones need more marketing attention? In CosmoLex, you can create multiple “income sub-accounts” within your fee income structure and make these part of the matter setup. Thats it. After that, as matter invoices are paid, fee income is credited to its specific income account.

Collection & Distribution of Fees

Computation of collection is a critical management function, is a measure of productivity and most importantly, helps facilitates apportion fee allocation to timekeepers by work/collection activities; distribution mechanism for improved cash flow for outside counsel. However, just because it is critical does not make it easy. An invoice can have multiple components such as costs, other charges, fees from multiple resources and it might get paid in installments. In CosmoLex, you can generate Collection Reports for each biller or matter owners with a click of a button.

Journal Entries

Journal entries are normally made by the law firm accountant for occasional one-time adjustments between accounts, payroll entries, as well as year end depreciation and amortization bookings. CosmoLex provides a “book closing date” feature so an accountant can lock the books up to a particular date to prevent accidental edits once books are closed.

Memorized Payee Accounts

In CosmoLex, you can “memorize” frequently used payees for quicker transaction entries and accurate check printing. You can also memorize an account (or set of accounts) thus preventing wrong postings. For example, you can memorize your landlord with account “Rent”. Now, every time you record a payment to your landlord, your “Rent” account will be pre-selected. This feature is especially useful to record payroll entries as those involve use of multiple accounts on an ongoing basis.

Manage Firm’s Credit Card Accounts

Credit cards play an important role in accounting for multiple reasons. Credit cards can be used for both office expenses, as well as for matter costs, which need to be posted for billing. CosmoLex provides full support for credit card bank accounts. You can enter or import statement transactions (QBO format), post cost to matters for billing and reconcile statements. As transactions are imported, CosmoLex will automatically build “mapping rules” that will auto-populate correct payee names and chart of account(s). Adaptive mapping rules make statement transaction imports simpler and accurate.

Print Checks

CosmoLex legal accounting software may be 100% cloud-based, but that doesn’t mean you have to go paperless. You can print checks directly from the program to your office printer using our check paper stock. You have the option to print voucher or standard check formats. And, if you use voucher format, we even print the transaction’s general ledger account in the Memo 2 line for robust recordkeeping.

Automatic Bank Statement Reconciliations

You can auto-reconcile book transactions with electronic bank statement data (QBO format) or reconcile manually. Monthly reconciliation is a critical bookkeeping tasks and helps you locate errors (from your side or the bank’s side).

1-Click Accounting Reports

A crucial benefit of CosmoLex legal business accounting software is the availability of performance, financial and management reports, all in one place. Our operating accounting software includes the following reports,which can be printed or saved as PDF/Excel formats:

Profit and Loss Balance Sheet Trial Balances General Ledger Sales Tax

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Legal Business Accounting Software:

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