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Capture Every Billable Activity – Anytime, Anywhere

CosmoLex captures all time and all expenses in the moment — as soon as they occur. You can record billable legal time or costs immediately. You can even flag future events (meetings, tasks) as billable to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. And you’ll reap the rewards of better cash flow, higher profits.

Customize Invoices

Every law firm or law office has its own identity that should stand out on invoices. Legal Billing Software by CosmoLex allows you to track time, add logos, letterhead or other custom content to ensure that invoices reflect your law firm’s branding.

Simple One-Click Billing

You’ll process Invoices, Past-Due Notices & Low Retainer Reminders – ALL with one simple click in CosmoLex legal timekeeping & billing software. Your bills go out one time – with a single click.

Online Payments

Law firms that accept credit cards see a 30-40% improvement in cash flow — along with improved client satisfaction. Legal billing software by CosmoLex offers a fast, secure and fully compliant solution for credit card invoicing/payments (using a seamless integration with LawPay®.) Your office can charge payments right on the CosmoLex billing screen or clients can pay online. While there are many benefits to taking credit cards, law firms also face real challenges when it comes to processing credit card payments correctly — to maintain bookkeeping that is in compliance with the specific legal regulations for revenue recognition. CosmoLex avoids all of these concerns because it is the only web-based solution that combines legal billing and law firm accounting in one system.

Built-In Collection Functions

Billing is not revenue; payment is. Every law office grapples with non-paying or slow-paying clients. While CosmoLex can not force law firm clients to pay, it does provide many advanced functions to aid your collection efforts w/o any administrative headaches:

  • 1-click low retainer reminders to keep you cash positive (“evergreen retainers”)
  • Easy to understand, descriptive invoices that clients can actually understand
  • Ability to add “retainer replenishment amount” as part of an invoice
  • 1-click reminder notices that are automated and personalized

Fully Integrated Legal Billing, Accounting & Practice Management Software

A law practice must have three systems for efficient operation:

  • Practice management software to coordinate casework, calendaring and tasks.
  • Legal billing software and timekeeping for time tracking, billing, retainers, & collections.
  • Accounting software that handles the full range of legal-specific accounting and general business bookkeeping.

CosmoLex is a single web-based application that combines all three functions. That means law practice management, legal billing and accounting update each other in real-time. A true synchronous integration. And because they all exist within the same application, there are no problematic imports or exports, no reconciliations, and never a need to input any case information or transaction data more than once. Working in CosmoLex legal billing software saves an enormous amount of time, and eliminates even the possibility of most errors ever occurring.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Legal Billing Software & Time Tracking:

"Legal Billing Software & Time Tracking" is part of the CosmoLex line of products, developed by CosmoLex.