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Corporate Services

A developer of business management software.

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In December 1993, Corporate Services was founded based on the belief that most businesses could run more efficiently and we could help them do exactly that.

Our clients manage assets to provide services to their customers. Some of our clients are in the rental business while others employ our software to manage assets used to provide other services. Over the years, our software development has been totally controlled by our clients. Every single feature incorporated into the software was the result of a request from a client successfully operating a business that employs or rents assets.

Our first application, RTMS, is the leading product in the oilfield service industry. RTMS is an application providing automation services to oilfield rental tool, fishing tool, equipment rental, and oilfield supply businesses. RTMS addresses the very special and complex needs of this ever-changing industry.

While RTMS is uniquely and superbly suited for the oilfield, a more appropriate application was needed for other service and rental operations. TrakQuip became a reality in 1998. This software was designed (by our clients) to allow companies manage or rent everything from construction equipment to medical devices.

The success Corporate Services has enjoyed is based on two facts.

First, we are a service company. Our customers know they can rely on us for support 24 hours a day, every single day.

Second, our software “molds itself“ to our clients’ operational needs so they don’t have to change to use our software. We understand the needs of today’s rental and service operations, and to that end our programs include all the basic functionalities so necessary to today’s businesses. For those requiring additional functionality apart from the “norm”, we’ve designed our software to be flexible enough to incorporate whatever your specific needs as a customer might be.

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