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To ensure an accurate picture of your company’s financial position, the information in your general ledger must be precise. Reverser for Great Plains (versions GP 6.0, 7.0, 7.5) quickly and easily alters incorrectly posted transactions, ensuring the accuracy of your financial statements. Reverser is a dynamic and intelligent business solution that efficiently reverses, rectifies, or re-posts journal entries when the need arises.

Reverser can save hundreds of data-entry hours, as transactions can effortlessly be corrected without having to manually re-enter any information. Reverser does not modify the original Great Plains data, therefore a firmly established audit trail is generated.

Reverser is a powerful tool that allows users to reverse entries with the same or different transaction dates, rectify incorrect postings and create additional opposite entries, or repost original transactions to different fiscal periods. The Reverse option allows the user to reverse a transaction with the same or different original transaction date. The Rectify option allows the user to rectify a transaction that has been posted incorrectly. It reverses the original transaction and creates an additional opposite entry with the same or different transaction posting date. The Re-Post option allows the user to reverse a transaction and post the original transaction to a different fiscal period.

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