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Cornerstone Sales Group

A developer of business management software.

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Cornerstone Sales Group Inc. (Cornerstone) is a company dedicated to developing a suite of affordable software products for small to midsized businesses. Cornerstone’s flagship product SimpleHR™ is a Windows based HR software that supports the management of employee files.

Profile of our average client:

  • An HR Administrator or Office Manager that was using a number of spreadsheets to track vacation, sick time, benefits, training and other critical employee data.
  • They wanted all their human resources data in one secure place instead of working with spreadsheets, Word documents and searching through filing cabinets.
  • They did not want to perform double entry of data.
  • There was a very tight budget.

They now enjoy a single HR system where generating reports is a single keystroke instead of a day long project.

The Human Resource Solution for QuickBooks®

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