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With CORESense’s Sales Order Interface, a key component of CORESense’s Integrated Retail Management system, you get easy to use web-based call center software that provides real time access to customer, product and inventory information and includes a guided process for quickly and accurately taking, processing and fulfilling orders.

With the sales order interface, you and your staff can view and update customer information, respond to customer inquiries and place, process and track orders. The sales order interface is web-based and can run on a desktop or laptop computer making it ideal for decoupling complicated order and return processing from the main checkout lanes, for remote selling and for consultative selling in the store or in the field.

Speed order entry through intuitive user interface

With CORESense’s Sales Order interface call center representatives can accurately and efficiently enter orders using the fewest possible steps. The representative is guided through a simple 4-step process and can quickly search for and locate customer, product and other information.

Provide quick and informed customer service

Customer representatives can quickly access and view a complete record of all customer orders, review past communications, track the status of any order and capture and record a complete record of current calls for future reference. Quick look-up and drill down features allow your staff to quickly locate orders by customer, order number or other criteria and view an up-to-the-second status of each customer order.

Decouple complex sales, return and customer support processes from the main checkout line

Another valuable use for the sales order interface is by sales or dedicated customer service representatives in addressing complex and time-consuming sales, returns and problem resolution away from your main checkout lanes.

Leverage the web-based interface as a remote sales and marketing tool

The web-based sales order interface can run on a laptop computer with wireless internet access, making it an ideal tool for consultative selling of complex products out in the showroom, for taking orders or signing up new customers for newsletters or continuity programs at remote events or as a low cost point of sale terminal in low volume, cashless environments.

CORESense Sales Order Interface features include

Making the Sale:

  • Fast and easy order taking for new and existing customers.
  • Identify your loyal customers for expedited service.
  • Quickly locate products and inventory information.
  • Discount specific items, total order or shipping prices manually.
  • Log and view comments.
  • Accept multiple and mixed payment forms including credit card, PayPal™, coupons, on account, gift certificate, value card and store credits.
  • Real-time integration into credit card merchant services for fast and easy authorizations, captures, voids and credits.
  • Add / edit customer information on-the-fly.
  • Easily sign-up customers to mailing lists or email campaigns.

Ongoing Customer Service

  • Easily provide order status and tracking information over the phone or by email.
  • Comprehensive customer and order searching.
  • Powerful “Drill Down” access into customer account and orders.
  • Efficiently resolve order issues through quick links to related purchase orders, returns, shipments and threaded email correspondence.
  • Log and view comments.
  • Create customer credits, gift certificates and coupons on-the-fly.
  • Manage and report on returns directly from order records.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Order:

"Sales Order" is part of the CORESense line of products, developed by CORESense, Inc..