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The CORESense Integrate Retail Management systems consolidates multi-channel selling, CRM, merchandising and order management into one web accessible system providing an unparalleled real-time view of business health anywhere, anytime, so that you can proactively respond to customers and profitably grow their businesses.

CORESense provides this real-time view through multiple standard reports, flexible report building tools and custom reports built to meet your unique business needs.

Cross-channel view of key performance indices (KPIs)

Tight integration of all sales channels enables you to view product performance, inventory usages, profitability and other key performance indices (KPI) for your entire business.

Real-time view of key performance indices (KPIs)

Tight integration and real-time synchronization of all sales channels, inventory and business process provides you with a real time view of your business.

Flexibility to view KPI how and where you want

CORESense provides you with a library of standard reports as well as the ability to build your own reports and all reports can be accessed through the centrally managed web-based back office.

Ready access to financial and accounting data

CORESense provides a full library of accounting and financial reports for assessing business health and for preparing accounting statements and tax documents.

Financial Reporting

  • Sales reporting including totals of merchandise, shipping, tax, discounts, cogs and margin.
  • Channel effectiveness reporting including profit and unit contribution percentages.
  • Deposit reports grouped by payment types.
  • Accounts receivable aging reports.
  • Sales tax reports by state.
  • General ledger report.

Product Performance Reporting

  • Evaluate performance of any products based on chosen attributes.
  • Group results on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.
  • Drill down into groups to determine top performing products.
  • View totals and per unit results for retail price, margin and cogs.

Inventory Reporting

  • Easily determine status of inventory through comprehensive search criteria.
  • View status of on hand, on order, reserved and backordered quantity for single or grouped SKUs.
  • Drill down into purchasing and customer buying history per SKU.
  • View average daily, weekly or monthly rate of sale for single or grouped SKUs.

Purchasing Reporting

  • Search and list vendors with details including # of open POs and average fulfillment time.
  • Detailed audit trail of internal comments, past POs and email communication.
  • Search and list POs with details including vendor, status, cost and # of days outstanding.
  • Detailed audit trail of internal comments and email communication.

Returns Reporting

  • Detailed listing of returns including issue date, status, reason for return and associated order information.

Sales Rep Reports

  • Report on sales by sales representative including sales and cost information.
  • Filter report by Brand.

Comments Reports

  • Provides consolidated report of comments by category (All, Customer, Order, Return, Purchase Order, Shipment, Vendor).

eBay Performance Report

  • Report on auction results including success quantity, buy it now quantity, success rate, fees and total sales and cost.
  • Group results by product and auction attributes.
  • Filter results by product and eBay attributes.

Reports Builders

  • Create custom sales reports including any customer, product or order information.
  • Create custom inventory reports including SKU, product, vendor, sales, inventory and shipping information.
  • Export to multiple formats including Excel and XML.
  • Define sorting and grouping of data fields.
  • Save and manage custom report criteria for ongoing use.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reporting:

"Reporting" is part of the CORESense line of products, developed by CORESense, Inc..