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Online Order Management, a key component of CORESense’s Integrated Retail Management system, provides you with a complete, highly automated and robust order life cycle management capability that can easily support the most demanding multi-channel retail operations.

Centralized staging and processing of orders from all sales channels eliminates time consuming and error-prone manual transfer of data between channels. Automation of order processing work flows allows you to manage by exception minimizing staffing needs..

CORESense’s Order Management capability streamlines your order processing and fulfillment process removing operational bottlenecks while giving you the ability to grow sales across all channels with confidence.

Centrally process orders for all sales channels

Orders from all sales channels are automatically captured and centrally staged eliminating manual and error-prone transfers of data, facilitating automation and minimizing staffing needs.

Automate order processing flows

CORESense gives you the ability to automate order capture to fulfillment paths based on configurable orders statuses and manage orders by exception allowing you to scale your operation without increasing staff. Staff can be alerted by email or through filtered views of orders requiring attention.

Quickly track, view and expedite orders

Powerful filtering and drill down capability allows you to quickly assess orders by stage or other criteria to identify bottleneck and initiate corrective actions to ensure on-time deliveries.

Flexibly source inventory

Increase the number of products you offer your customers through drop-ship, just-in-time and in-stock inventory sourcing methods as well as integration with third-party order fulfillment centers. CORESense also handles complex supplier and multi-supplier order fulfillment requirements, enabling build-to-order fulfillment processes.

Integrate directly with leading shippers

Seamless integration with FedEx®, UPS® and Endicia® enables faster shipment processing, instant tracking for customers, and increased accuracy

Manage multiple stocking locations and warehouses

CORESense includes an integrated warehouse and location management tool which allows you to easily receive stock, transfer and view inventory across one or more locations.

Order Processing

  • Capture and stage orders automatically for all sales channels.
  • Orders staged based on rules you define.
  • Orders can be automatically processed through shipping based on rules you define.
  • Orders window can be filtered by dates and order, channel, product or other attributes.
  • Can quickly drill down to view order details.
  • Process multiple and mixed payment methods including credit card, Paypal, Credit, Gift Certificate, and Value Card)
  • Processes credit cards in real-time through the payment processors of your choice.
  • Source inventory from multiple sources including stock, drop shipment and just-in-time.
  • Designate shipping methods including UPS Worldship & Fedex and USPS (Endicia) .

Picking, Packing and Shipping

  • Automatically queue orders for processing based on inventory availability.
  • Track orders by stage: picking, packing, shipped, delivered or cancelled.
  • Select orders for processing based on multiple criteria including dates, stage, channel, shipment method, customer, location, etc. .
  • Batch print picking and packing documents .
  • Ship full or partial orders..
  • Automatic e-mailing to customers of order status and shipment tracking numbers.
  • Transmit and receive shipment information directly to UPS Worldship and Fedex and USPS (Endicia) .

Returns Management

  • Issue and track return material authorizations (RMAs).
  • Assign return descriptions and expiration period.
  • Receive resalable inventory.

Warehouse and Location Management

  • Create and manage multiple warehouses with unique topographies.
  • Stage and transfer material between and within warehouses.
  • Receive inventory by barcode.
  • Create and print location labels.
  • Conduct physical inventories.

Brand Management

  • Centrally process orders for multiple, uniquely branded websites.
  • Brand identify including name, logo and website url is used on all customer documentation (e.g. email communications and shipping documentation).
  • Define order processing and fulfillment workflows based on the sales channel and brand..

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Management:

"Order Management" is part of the CORESense line of products, developed by CORESense, Inc..