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Merchandising, a key component of CORESense’s Integrated Retail Management solution, gives the real time data, reports and tools needed to optimize the purchasing, presentation, promotion, pricing and placement of your products in order to maximize sales and gross margin.

From the centrally managed catalog you can quickly and effectively describe new products, create and manage product content, create and schedule promotions, define up-sell and cross-sell products and optimize channel placement and pricing. Spending time consolidating sales and inventory data from multiple stores and sales channels makes it difficult to make accurate and timely merchandising decisions.

CORESense provides you with a real time view of activity across all channels enabling you to make better transfer, purchasing, pricing and promotion decisions improving your profitability.

With the real-time inventory view and product performance reports you can accurately plan your purchases and minimize stock outs and over ordering.

Easily define and manage your products

The CORESense product manager gives you the ability to define multiple types of products (e.g. apparel, golf clubs and tennis racquets)with unique product attribute and centrally manage product definition data.

Easily sell products through multiple channels

With the centralized product catalog you define and describe products one time and optimally price and place products in multiple channels including POS, call center, one or more ecommerce storefronts, eBay, Amazon and comparison shopping engines.

Make better merchandising decisions

Centralized management of your inventory with point of sale, ecommerce and other channels provides you with an accurate and up to the minute view of your sales and supply. Armed with this information you can make better buying, pricing, promotion and other merchandising decisions.

Minimize your inventory investment

Real-time synchronization of sales and inventory across multiple stores and channels combined with automated stock replenishment, provides the right inventory level to your stores and other channels while minimizing your purchasing effort and cost of goods sold and increasing inventory turns.

Create ongoing revenue streams with “product of the month” clubs

CORESense gives you the ability to create, manage and fulfill an unlimited number of continuity or product of the month programs creating ongoing revenue streams and building customer loyalty.

Increase profits with gift certificate and value cards

With an estimated value of US$35 billion in gift card sales for the 2007 holiday season alone, retailers can obviously profit from these programs.

Product Management

  • Build and manage multiple types of products from SKUs.
  • Define product standard (e.g. size, colors) and upgrade (e.g. standard, premium) groups.
  • Batch apply standards and upgrade groups to multiple products.
  • Batch import and export products.
  • Batch update product data by attributes.
  • Duplicate products with one click.
  • Define up-sell and cross-sell products.
  • Assign products to channels.
  • Manage product content including images, text, rich media, pdf files and more.
  • Add custom product attributes that you define.
  • Create and print product barcodes labels.
  • Evaluate performance of single products or any combination of products across all sales channels based on chosen attributes a:
    • Group results on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.
    • Drill down into groups to determine top performing products.
    • Detailed totals and per unit results for retail price, margin and cogs.

Gift Certificates and Value Cards

  • Create and manage gift certificates.
  • Sell gift certificates through a website, POS or SOI.
  • Create and manage value cards.
  • Sell value cards through the POS or SOI channel.
  • View detailed value card reports including amount issues, amount redeemed and aging liability for a specific date range.

Continuity Programs

  • Create multiple club types – auto replenishment, traditional, closed series, open series.
  • Manage clubs and club members.
  • View and print activity and order reports.

Price and Promotion Management

  • Set base pricing by customer and by sales channel.
  • Create promotions based on one or more product attribute.
  • Target promotion based on customer attributes such as club memberships or past purchase history Offer promotions in one or all channels.
  • Offer percent off, dollar off, free shipping and free shipping by product type discounts.
  • Specify rules for applying the discount including always, based on dollars spent or quantity purchased.
  • Manually trigger the promotion or establish as a recurring promotion.
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management

Inventory Planning

  • Inventory levels are synchronized in real time across all sales channels.
  • View inventory on hand by vendor, fulfillment method, product attributes or other criteria.
  • View real-time inventory statuses across all warehouses and locations.
  • Directly drill down into inventory status for more detailed view.
  • Track cost-of-goods-sold by multiple methods.
  • View supplier inventory levels through real time or batch level integration..
  • Establish automated or recommended reorder criteria and process.
  • Reserve inventory by channel.


  • Supports warehouse-to-warehouse and intra-warehouse transfers
  • Automatically create/save put-away documents upon receiving.
  • Override put-away locations upon receiving.
  • Post comments and manage transfer email correspondence.

Purchase Orders

  • Quickly build and stage POs by vendor or SKU directly from the inventory view.
  • Automatically create drop ship POs directly from orders.
  • Automatically create POs based on reorder points, target quantities or other criteria.
  • Send POs to suppliers in multiple formats including email, eFax, faxed document.
  • Automate communications with suppliers using XML, EDI and FTP.
  • View and track POs including correspondence and comments.
  • View and take advantage of quantity/case discounts and vendor incentives.
  • View last cost paid.

SKU Management and Vendor Management

SKU Management:

  • Create and manage SKUs.
  • Define general attributes (e.g. barcode, identifier, label, manufacturer, default fulfillment and warehouse).
  • Assign shipping method and define physical attributes.
  • Assign vendors and ordering information.
  • Set reorder criteria.

Vendor Management

  • Create and manage vendors
  • Define default PO delivery methods (e-mail; efax; document; XML, EDI and FTP) and templates.
  • Track and manage POs by vendor, SKU and PO criteria.
  • Drill down into POs, post and view comments by category, read/launch e-mails and modify order and delivery options.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Merchandising:

"Merchandising" is part of the CORESense line of products, developed by CORESense, Inc..