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A developer of business management software.

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CorePartners is a high-technology computer engineering company specializing in Warehouse Management Systems whose roots go back to 1991. CorePartners has successfully delivered projects for clients in the USA and Europe. Our customers include Neopost, Dymo-CoStar/Esselte, Nortel Networks, Sabre Systems, BP/Solarex, VWR International, EMO-Trans, QTS-3/Above Logistics, Barnum, Welocalize and others.

CorePartners was one of the first development companies to foresee the mandate for Microsoft .NET applications. As a result, its new CoreIMS Warehouse and Inventory Management System is one of the first robust business applications ready to show the strength of this Microsoft technology.

CorePartners is looking for VARS and Systems Integrators interested in reselling the CoreIMS inventory management solution.

Product Lines

  • CoreIMS

    A inventory control application designed by CorePartners.

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