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Core Associates

A developer of business management software.

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Core Associates, LLC is a company dedicated to providing quality software and exceptional service to our clients.

Our Unshakable Core Values

  • Provide excellent products. To develop and sell the best paperless, easy to use workflow automation systems that accelerate turnaround time, increases efficiency and saves businesses time and money.
  • Deliver exceptional services. To comprehensively understand who our customers are and what they want and to provide the best customer service and support in the industry. We’re committed to giving our customers the attention, reliability, promptness and competence they deserve
  • Innovation is our passion. We continuously envision, conceptualize and bring innovative ideas to the industry. We have a deep desire to deliver more and higher value to the market. We’ve created a perfect climate for innovation.
  • Virtual is our reality. Our virtual business may not have a brick and mortar structure, but we are a real business providing real solutions. Our business goals and plans are solid and our commitment to our employees and clients is ironclad.
  • Be bold: Go forth and solve. Whether it’s getting the bugs out of a program or troubleshooting a problem and no matter how challenging it is, we LOVE to solve. Our programmers and customer service personnel work together as a team to unravel complex situations and develop solutions.
  • Flexibility is our core ability. The world is changing and being flexible is more important than ever. We’re not afraid of change. In fact we welcome change as an opportunity to improve and grow. We value feedback and we listen to our employees and our clients with an open and creative mind.
  • Integrity is our compass. Business integrity is present through the deepest layers of our company. We are guided by our committment to ethical conduct, trust, betterment, honoring obligations, truthfulness, respect and charity.
  • Customer driven - Industry driving. Our customers are the center of our universe, the driving force behind our business. We turn customer needs and feedback into industry leading solutions.

Product Lines

  • TimberScan

    An AP automation program designed to work with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

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