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Controls World-Wide

A developer of business management software.

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Controls World-Wide began its crusade in 1954 to control spending on a large farm. Since then it was migrated to a computerized format in the mid 1970’s then to a Novel Network in 1992 and to its present format over the internet using a web browser in 1999.

The system began commercial use as a tool for banking and loan management. Banks are able to monitor and in some cases, control the spending in accordance with the budget submitted.

Business managers, using the unique reports, know on a daily basis how the business spending relates to the annual budget.

All financial reports are available on the last day of the month as fixed expenses can be recorded automatically on a daily basis. Accounts are closed automatically so there is no need for a closing process to view the Balance Sheet Report.

Controls World-Wide brings a complicated process in a simple to use application. The flagship application CoWoWi is an application service provided, so there are no startup costs and the business pays monthly for the system as well as administration, upgrades and all licenses.

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