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ConTracker EZ

A developer of business management software.

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When I first started estimating some decade plus ago, I used to complete my estimates onsite by handwriting every estimate. What was great about it? It was simple and I was able to complete my estimates as I went - I had no loose ends. What was the down side? My estimates didn’t look very professional, which hurt my sales.

When we started the family business, we decided that to compete with the big boys, it might be better to stop doing our estimates onsite and take them back to the office to be typed. We hired a secretary to do the typing, create a nice estimate package with brochures and mail them out. We were able to appear more professional to our customers, and were able to raise our prices to get more money for our jobs.

But there were down sides. We were spending over $ 4,000.00 per year on postage not to mention the salary for a skilled secretary. It was taking days and weeks to get estimates into the hands of our customers. Sometimes, estimate details would be forgotten or notes would get lost, so we would have to go back to the customer’s house to remeasure. We had days where we could put a pile of estimates on the secretary’s desk, and the only estimate not typed, was the one that was needed right away. Typos were a nightmare. Estimates would be typed, retyped, typed again, then edited, re-edited, until it was finally approved, only to find out the customer had awarded the project to a competitor. Did I mention the piles and piles of paperwork on everyone’s desk? There had to be a better way!

So I did what every good contractor does - research what solutions are available, spend thousands of dollars trying everything - and hoping that I finally found the right one - only to find out that I hadn’t. Finally I threw my hands up in disgust and began creating my own solution.

I have always liked computers. I’ve taken classes and studied Fortran, DOS, Word Perfect, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, MS Schedule, MS Outlook, Act, Quickbooks Pro, One Write Plus, and several others. Also I was fortunate enough to marry a wife that worked in an IT Department. She had her own computer skills, and began creating the model for ConTracker. The remainder of the program was built by a programming consultant.

We knew that we could create an easier way.

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    A software system designed by ConTracker EZ for construction companies.

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