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COWORKER - Resident Billing

A order entry application designed by Continuex for health care & social services companies.
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COWORKER for Windows Resident Billing combined with Solomon IV Financial Accounting, is unique in that you have multiple payers paying for services for a single resident. Many of the billings are routine, repeating themselves, in some variation, each billing cycle. Each of the payers may have their own billing rules resulting in rather complex charges with a variety of co-payment requirements and full or partial contractual adjustments.

COWORKER for Windows Resident Billing utilizes the power and flexibility of the computer to manage the billing process, saves you time, and increases the accuracy of your billings.

COWORKER provides such features as:

  • Multi-Payer Support
  • Census Driven
  • Flexible Rate Determination
  • Automatic Generation of Adjustments and Billing Credits
  • Convenient Processing of Changes Within Period
  • Recurring Charge Support
  • Electronic Data Entry
  • Resident History
  • UB 92 Electronic Billing
  • Billing Logs
  • Summary Reports
  • Clinical Records Integration
  • On-Demand Billing
  • Multiple Billing Cycles
  • Advance Billing Support
  • Automatic Handling of Private Portions
  • Automatic Handling of Retentions
  • Multiple Open Periods
  • Managed Care Support.

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