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Continuex Corporation has been serving Long Term Care facilities with software and related services since 1983 with approximately 500 nursing home facilities in 43 states using product from Continuex. Continuex offers the COWORKER for Windows Software, which is designed specifically for the long term healthcare industry (nursing homes).

The COWORKER LTC Software utilizes the Windows operating system from Microsoft Corporation. COWORKER clinical records software includes visual minimum data set (with MDS 2.0 support), triggers, RAPs, care planning (with automatic care plan generation from the MDS and fast plan immediate care plan generator), physician orders with full on-line ICD9 code list, resident admissions and report generation. COWORKER provides easy to read laser generated MDS printing and reporting.

The COWORKER LTC software features resident billing (with UB92 processing, electronic submission, and interfaces to common bar code inventory tracking systems) and resident trust fund accounting. COWORKER works in conjunction with the Microsoft Solomon suite of financial accounting applications, including accounts receivable, payroll (with interfaces to time clock systems), accounts payable, general ledger with multi facility consolidation, and financial reporting.

Continuex Corporation offers classroom and on-site user training, software enhancement and update service and ongoing user support and consultation with a Toll Free Helpline.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

COWORKER LTC Software is a trademark of Continuex Corporation

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