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Input to the system may be done using a digitizer to trace the information from a site drawing. The system also has an optional CAD DXF Import Module for direct import of site elevation data. As the Contour , Spot , Incline, and Soil Boring information is inserted, for Existing or Proposed Surfaces, the system stores the information in a Drawing File.

Perimeter lines, Shear Lines, or Areas (max. of 24) may also be digitized to provide additional information used for the calculation. Drawing Scales may be in either Imperial (feet) or Metric (meters).

Elevations are stored in hundredths of a foot or meter. Up to 24 subsurface Strata may be specified for entering elevations from Soil Boring information. Each Drawing may have the option to Feather the proposed elevations to the existing elevations at the perimeter of the Drawing.

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