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Digitized quantities, lengths, and areas are graphically displayed on a drawing on the computer screen. Drawings are normally named to correspond to each estimate. Within a Drawing you may have multiple Layers that may be viewed. Normally a Layer corresponds to a Sheet Number in the set of drawings for the estimate. You may view one Layer at a time or view all Layers.

Dimensions and quantities are summarized, by Layer, on a built-in spreadsheet at the top of the screen. Takeoff may be transferred to any Windows program by simply clicking on the desired value and then inserting (pasting) the number into another windows program of your choice. Unit conversions may be performed in the spreadsheet so that you may see the original value and the converted value side by side.

Quantity (Count) takeoff is performed by selecting an Icon (symbol) from a displayed Pallet of Icons, clicking the Quantity Takeoff Button, and then pressing the digitizer pen tip on the displayed drawing in the desired location. The name of the Icon is used to put an entry in the dimension spreadsheet. You may add your own Icons, as required, for the symbols that are used in your specialty.

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