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Construction Partner developed the Service Billing Software so you can easily track costs on your construction jobs and work/service orders; ensuring that work gets billed for. The program works by retrieving all service information on your employees’ time cards, from the Payroll Software. It then automatically imports the data and charges the mark-up or billing rate you have specified and prints a bill. The billing and transaction information can then either be stored or purged at your discretion. This product boasts many unique features that are specifically designed for you involvement in construction; features include:

  • Different billing rates for different customers
  • Nine different customized formats for printing work orders and invoices
  • Pre-defined service codes facilitate the creation of work orders and tracking of service activity and costs
  • Multiple worksites for a single billing customer can be set up
  • Online posting of your work orders showing scheduled and actual completion dates; and costs and billings to-date.
  • Support of your recurring work orders
  • The cost-plus invoicing feature allows you to set up automatic mark-up on nine pre-defined service cost types.
  • The service-code invoicing feature allows you to enter specific service codes, labor hours, equipment hours, or material billing with pre-defined unit prices

The Service Billing application, like other Construction Partner applications can produce numerous financial statements whenever you deem necessary. You are able to print reports by using a number of the following variables: work order number, work order date, invoice number, invoice date, unbilled, customer, new or prior work orders, worksite, open, closed, cost, billings, assigned employee, salesperson, scheduled date, address, or sales tax district. In addition you can print any of a number of pre-defined reports. Some of these more common reports available to you are:

  • Work Order Detail - allows you print a report by combining work-order cost with any of the following: Billing transactions by customer, work order, fiscal period, website, technician, or salesperson.
  • Work Order Listing - allows you to display a summary of each posted work order.
  • Work Order Profit Summary - allows select you to select a list of work orders and display the cost to-date, billings, and gross margin for each individual work order.
  • Service Billing History - allows you to organize work orders by service code, fiscal periods, and customer or cost billing types; for analyzing costs and billings.
  • Service Billing Worksite Listing - this simple report displays worksites and related contact information for your organizational and administrative purposes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Service Billing:

"Service Billing" is part of the Construction Accounting Software line of products, developed by Construction Partner.