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Construction Partner’s Payroll Software is made to be versatile enough to satisfy all the unique payroll needs of your construction business. Like other Construction Partner product, the Payroll Software completely integrates with the other accounting modules to reduce data entry to an absolute minimum. This product gives you a wide array of features to provide a comprehensive payroll solution. Such features are:

  • Optional importing of timecards from previous spreadsheets available.
  • Multiple distributions for each day are available for items such as but not limited to: special pay, equipment utilization, equipment repair time, inventory transfers, etc.
  • You will receive complete setup of employee default pay
  • User defined pay and deduction codes to provide you with flexibility in meeting tax and insurance requirements
  • Support of 401k plans and section 125S special pre-tax deductions, for your employees
  • Standard union tables to define pay for your union employees
  • Support of workers comp pay
  • Tracking of your employees significant dates and information
  • Direct Deposit compatibility
  • You are able to set up deduction limits by a Monthly, Annual, or cumulative basis
  • Easy printing of W-2’s to save you time

The Payroll Software will also give you the capability to print an endless combination of reports. Reports can be printed using a number of combinations of the following variables: employee, job, phase, cost code, category, period end date, check date, check number, fiscal period, state, craft code, pay code, deduction code, benefit code, union, workers compensation code, liability insurance code, service billing, G/L account, equipment code, material code, hire date, termination date. In addition, you can chose print any of selected number of predefined reports. Some of those reports are:

  • Company Employment by Job - shows you your employees by ethnicity and gender, with hours worked by each group.
  • General Liability and Worker’s Comp Summary - these reports are useful by auditing agencies. They will allow you to show your earned premiums based on payroll records
  • Payroll Check Register - this shows you employee paychecks
  • Quarterly Earnings Spreadsheet (Federal & State) - shows you each of your employees’ earnings, taxes withheld, and your tax liability as employer
  • Other reports available to you include: Union Reports, Certified Payroll, Payroll History Distribution, To-Date Earnings & Taxes, and many more.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the Construction Accounting Software line of products, developed by Construction Partner.