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Construction Partner’s Job Estimating software is your complete job estimating solution. The Job Estimating Software builds estimates from a price book of items you define. This product can separate bids into bid items and set up crews for cost estimating. Many additional features will also help you in your estimating needs; such features include:

  • The ability for you to set up labor and equipment unit pricing for each work item.
  • Your ability to calculate bond premiums.
  • Your ability to assign the “degree of difficulty” factor, for the purposes of pricing labor, to an assembly item at take-off.
  • The option you have of changing material and equipment prices individually or automatically, using the percentage change feature.
  • The ability for you to duplicate a prior bid to a new bid, to reduce take-off time on similar projects
  • Standard formulas provided with the software allow you to calculate units of the most common geometric shapes.
  • The ability for you to define work items for use with any estimate
  • For your convenience you can review your bid work items online.

The Job Estimating Software produces many reports useful to you. At the end of each report you will see the extended amounts for material, equipment, labor, percentage markup, and the computed bond amount. Some of the commonly used reports you can generate are:

  • Estimate Detail—by Material, Equipment, Labor Crew - you can use this report for obtaining price quotes and for preparing purchase orders. This report subtotals the estimate by material, equipment, or labor crew.
  • Estimate Detail by Bid Item - this report generates your estimate by combining the bid items within it.
  • Estimate Detail by Work Item Code - by running this report you will be shown the take-off dimensions, calculated amounts for materials, extended amounts for materials, equipment, and labor.
  • Estimate Analysis - this report will provide you with an overview of an estimate by showing you estimate details sorted by work item.
  • Estimate Analysis - If you use the assembly method for take-off, this report shows you each assembly and all work items making that assembly.
  • Estimate Summary by Bid Item - this report shows you, by bid item, the total price for each phase of work and the subtotal for each bid item.
  • Other reports include: Bid-Information Listing, Work-Item Code Listing, Formula-Code Listing, Crew Code Listing, Material/Equipment-Code Listing, Assembly-Code Listing, Detail Estimate by Job Phase & Cost Code, Work Item Summary, Estimate by Assembly and Estimate Summary by Job Phase and Cost Code

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Estimating:

"Job Estimating" is part of the Construction Accounting Software line of products, developed by Construction Partner.