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Construction Partner’s Job Costing Software gives you the ability to handle any sort of job (union or non, industrial, commercial, private, etc.) with the ease associated in automated processes. This product contains several features that make it useful to your construction business. Some of these features are:

  • You have the ability to group similar jobs into categories for comparison.
  • Job-Cost transaction journal gives you the ability to adjust costs between or within jobs.
  • All costs and billings are updated automatically to save you time on double data entry.
  • You can view estimated costs at completion from budget to cost comparisons.
  • You can set up jobs easily by duplicating structure from similar jobs.
  • You are able to view a summary of each jobs actual, budgeted, and projected costs to help you stay on top of your business.
  • You gain flexibility by allowing four types of job billings: Progress, Unit Cost, Cost Plus and Lump Sum
  • For your records each job is archived after it is closed, and subsequently available for online viewing

As is the case with other Construction Partner Software offerings, this one produces many reports useful to you. In addition to being able to customize reports across many variables; you can view many common reports. Some of these common reports are:

  • Job Cost to Budget Comparison - you will see each job line item with budgeted, selected-period and total costs; along with remaining budget for each cost type, over a period selected by you.
  • Job Committed Cost Status - allows you to see the remaining budget for each line item by combining costs to date and outstanding committed costs to determine remaining budget
  • Line Item Billing Comparison - allows you to view comparisons between costs to-date with billings to-date during each phase of a contract.
  • Period Cost/Income Summary - you can now view a summary of all job costs and billings—along with associated budgets—over a selected fiscal period.
  • Job Cost Detail - allows you to review a comprehensive history of all job-cost transactions.
  • Labor Status Report - allows you to view each line item with a comparison of associated budgeted and actual costs and hours
  • Job Cost Variance Report - you will see each job line item with its associated projected cost at completion.
  • Job Profit Summary - Summary report allows your financial staff to view contract amount, budgeted cost, budgeted and actual gross profit, percent complete, earned revenue, and calculated over/under billings; for each job.
  • Job Cash Remaining Summary - this report allows you to view costs and billings to date along with the anticipated net cash flow for each job.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Costing:

"Job Costing" is part of the Construction Accounting Software line of products, developed by Construction Partner.