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Equipment Management Software allows you to better manage your Fixed Assets, by allowing you to apply costs to specific jobs, track depreciation, and track/schedule maintenance. Several other features available to you after implementing Construction Partner’s Equipment Management Software are:

  • Track all owned or leased equipment by either accounting group or functional group.
  • Automation of depreciation posting to General Ledger
  • Track acquisition and retirement of equipment for tax and insurance purposes.
  • Set hourly cost and billing rates on equipment; for job costing and customer billing.
  • Schedule maintenance by month, mileage, or hourly intervals; with complete history of other maintenance by asset
  • Track complete costs of equipment vs actual utilization; allowing you to better decide to rent or buy an asset.

As is the case with other Construction Partner Software offerings, the Equipment Management Software produces many reports useful to you. You are able to customize reports across many variables such as: equipment code, class code, fiscal period, job, transaction date, last location, job costed hours, customer billed hours, history, owned, rented, leased, or financed. You can also generate many commonly used reports. Some of these report templates are:

  • Equipment History Listing - allows you to view a complete history detail on any single piece of equipment or all equipment in a classification.
  • Equipment Expense Listing - allows you to view a history of expenses for selected equipment.
  • Equipment Listing - allows you to view an inventory of all leased and owned equipment.
  • Equipment Cost & Utilization - allows you to view cost of equipment per hour of utilization for proper costing of equipment to jobs.
  • Equipment Maintenance Status - allows you to view complete maintenance history and scheduled future maintenance.
  • Depreciation Status - allows you to view each depreciable item and view acquisition costs, depreciation to-date and for the fiscal year.
  • Job Equipment Utilization - allows you to view the total revenue generated by selected equipment items

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Equipment Management:

"Equipment Management" is part of the Construction Accounting Software line of products, developed by Construction Partner.