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  • Daily transaction reports provide a continuous record of inventory activity and an audit trail.
  • Simultaneous processing available for most functions.
  • Security locks protect database from concurrent, but conflicting processes.
  • Multiple warehouses with on-line status of the inventory of any item in all warehouses.
  • Both on-line updating and batch processing.
  • Multiple recording methods for receiving materials into inventory: Direct Shipment, Material in Transit, Transfer, and Refurbished Parts.
  • Inventory valuation, using the average cost, standard cost, FIFO or LIFO methods.
  • Actual cost, standard cost, and sales prices can be maintained for each inventory item.
  • Surcharges are selectively and automatically added for freight, warehouse overhead, etc., on the receipt, transfer between warehouses, and issuance of materials.
  • Easy access to the inventory system by inventory code, supplier part number, user part number or customer part number.
  • On-line Activity Inquiry maintains historical data by warehouse code and inventory code.
  • Keyword capability facilitates data entry, processing and reporting functions.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet facility, which includes multiple detail screens for information maintenance on inventoried and non-inventoried items.
    • Product Review Entry (Approvals)
    • Site Specific Data
    • Product Identification Data
    • Hazardous Components
    • Physical Properties
    • Fire and Explosion Hazards
    • Health Hazards
    • Reactivity Data
    • Spill and Disposal Procedures
    • Protective Equipment Requirements
    • Storage and Handling Procedures
    • Transportation Procedures
  • Simple transfer of inventoried items between warehouses utilizing picking and packing lists.
  • Alternate methods for adjustment of physical inventory shelf count and differences (shorts).
  • Details of material-in-transit from the supplier to the warehouse.
  • Tool issues and returns facility to record inventoried warehouse items issued to and returned by employees.
  • Inventory reservations for placing inventoried items in a reserved or locked status.
  • Inventory items can be issued to a specified cost account in the Cost Accounting module, work order in the Work Order module, unit of equipment in the Equipment module, or employee in the Payroll module.
  • Reorder and purchase requisitions are generated based on user-defined algorithm of inventory consumption to maintain stock at optimum levels.
  • Purchase orders can be generated for non-stock items originating from a customer order in the order entry functions.
  • Order Entry function permits the recording of customer orders, selective generation of picking lists, printing of packing lists, and generation of accounts receivable invoices.
  • Customer Quotation Facility allows you to input, track and print quotes made to customers of inventory in stock.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the System 20/20 line of products, developed by Construction Information Systems.