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  • Multiple types of reporting units (e.g., hours, miles) including operating, idle, weather delayed, repair, etc.
  • Utilization and availability percentages computed for each unit of equipment.
  • Multiple methods of calculating rental charges for a unit of equipment based on reported units, elapsed time and lump sum methods.
  • Repair costs can be subdivided by user-defined components, such as electrical systems, engine, and transmission. Within component, subdivision can occur by cost type, such as labor, repair parts, and outside services.
  • Keyword access capability facilitates data entry, processing and reporting functions.
  • Attachments can be recognized as separate units of equipment, while requiring that operating hours, etc., are reported only to the primary unit of equipment to which the attachment is currently associated.
  • “Repair/replace” type decisions can be evaluated easily.
  • Maintains current period, current year, and life-to-date accumulations for all revenue, ownership, repair, operating expenses and utilization data for each unit of equipment.
  • Definition of Equipment Maintenance Tasks.
  • Multi-level On-line Equipment Inquiry tracks income, expenses, margin, equipment utilization and equipment availability.
  • Bill of materials can be associated with a unit of equipment.
  • Transfer Docket capability offers alternative method of computing rentals based on “days at a site”.
  • Budgets can be established for each maintenance code.
  • Multi-level On-line Cost Inquiry tracks units of equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling applies user-defined maintenance schedules for each class or unit of equipment.
  • Generates and prints work orders for scheduled maintenance.
  • Equipment Meter Reading reporting computes maintenance due on interval frequency codes.
  • Notepad facility to record pertinent maintenance information on units of equipment.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Equipment:

"Equipment" is part of the System 20/20 line of products, developed by Construction Information Systems.