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  • Multiple types of images, e.g. scanned documents, generated documents such as purchase orders, checks, drawings, etc.
  • Images can be created directly from PDF files that are attached to an email without requiring the PDF file to be printed and then scanned.
  • User defined image classes and indexing keys
  • User defined image groups which facilitates searching for specific images
  • Automated updating when an image is replaced with a newer image
  • Images are stored as PDF files and viewed via a PDF Viewer providing all the features of Adobe Reader
  • The image id’s of an image are associated with all generated transactions, so for example if the image id associated with a vendor invoice is attached to all of the expense transactions that might be generated from this invoice to the Cost Accounting, Equipment, Work Order modules, etc. As a result if the user is viewing the cost transactions associated with a particular cost account in the Cost Accounting module then by clicking the ‘view image’ button the Cost Accounting user can see the image of the vendors invoice.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Imaging:

"Document Imaging" is part of the System 20/20 line of products, developed by Construction Information Systems.