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Nothing is as nerve wracking as preparing a payroll manually just hours before employees are coming by to get their checks. Timecards, tax tables, deductions, employee advances, per diem, health insurance, unemployment and on and on. Even for two employees, Basic Builder® Payroll module saves time and wear and tear on the nerves.

Security is an issue since most contractors restrict access to pay rates. Passwords can be set up so that the entry clerk cannot see the pay rates. Also, when cost information is sent to Job Cost, names can be suppressed and postings combined so that confidentiality can be maintained.

One of the Basic Builder® strengths is the manner in which it handles Added Deductions and Pays (ADP’s). In addition to the standard methods, there is an employer’s contribution, which allows the employer to accrue a liability based on the employees’ paycheck. Examples are union retirement funds, allocating overhead to jobs, paying health plans, etc.

The payroll system is complete (tax tables for all 50 states) and once it is setup, it takes minutes to do what used to take hours. Additionally, all information is stored and used to produce reports for tax and insurance filings. All the details of benefits and withholdings are simplified with the Payroll module. Payday paperwork is no longer a chore with Basic Builder® Payroll.

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