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Empower you financial mangers with NEWSTAR Financials, a single powerful tool that provides everything required to design multiple levels of financial reporting and automatically distribute transactions across multiple companies/divisions with no restrictions on how many periods or years can be open at one time.

General Ledger

  • Flexible master/sub chart of accounts provide easy cross-company consolidations as well as control over active accounts within each profit center/division
  • General journal, accrual and recurring entries reviewed prior to update
  • Handles cash basis and/or accrual accounting

Financial Reporting and Budgeting

  • Comparative financial statements
  • Budgeting (original/revised/forecast)
  • Comprehensive reporting code capability used to classify and group transactions in an account

Multi/Inter Company Processing

  • Set up inter-company relationships
  • Inter-company balance comparison sheet

Taxation:Authorities (Federal, State/Province, City)

  • U.S. and Canadian tax reporting
  • Three levels of taxation


  • Check preparation
  • Multiple bank accounts/trust bank accounts
  • Full bank reconciliation including deposits and charges


  • Roll up to multiple user-definable levels
  • Currency conversion at any level
  • Handles varying ownership interests

Accounts Receivable

  • Comprehensive home owner inquiries with drill-down to original deposit distribution
  • Invoicing with reprint capability at later dates

Accounts Payable

  • Integrated to the subcontract system and the purchase orders
  • Automated PO processing
  • On-screen review of invoices for payment schedule
  • Cash requirements includes future payable and handles partial payments & payment on-account
  • Hold status by invoices or supplier to include reason
  • Configurable rules to track insurance and other license expiry dates, to hold or reject invoices, or deduct amounts, as necessary

U.S. and Canadian Payroll

  • Unlimited number of payroll companies (pay cycles) with multiple payroll options (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) in U.S. and/or Canadian currency
  • User-definable pay types (regular, overtime, vacation)
  • User-defined benefits, calculations, deductions
  • Fast processing of recurring pays, i.e. salary payrolls
  • Multi-union requirements (including multi-union per employee per pay)

MICR Checks

  • Checks on-site, complete with special magnetic ink encoding required by banks
  • Easy check preparations regardless of bank account
  • Use one check form for all bank accounts

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