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FAST Insight, a web-based analysis tool, allows you to monitor and contrast, in real time, how your build program is performing relative to your organization’s benchmarks.

Most important, you can assess individual and business partner performance, using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and a series of industry-first performance indexes that allow you to pull, at a moment’s notice, the most critical reports and make swift corrections immediately.

Put simply, with FASTInsight, you know what is costing you time and money – and what is saving you time and money.

Additional features include

  • Review current sales and revenues metrics
  • View productivity and financial status in a single snapshot view
  • Analyze historical job costs and financial summary information
  • Review vendor performance and comparisons reports
  • Track and analyze variance details
  • Surf the General Ledger
  • Render reports seamlessly into Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Acrobat® and other formats
  • Review colorful metrics and analysis charts of your business data
  • Use KPIs to:
    • Drill through the general ledger and move laterally through your GL transaction histories
    • Analyze financial summary information and variance details in real time, and variance details at a moment’s notice
    • Generate performance index reports that isolate productivity issues

Data Palette

Working with a powerful, integrated FAST dashboard, executives and manager can generate, at any time, a snapshot of productivity and financial status.

An advanced data palette provides powerful, wide-ranging data parameters for online reporting.

Rich Data Portability & Report Distribution

All reports within FAST Insight seamlessly render in many formats, including Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Acrobat. Microsoft® SQL Reporting Services provides time and email distribution options to deliver key business data to decision makers when they need it most.

After logging on to FAST Insight, executives and management can easily spot a red flag and drill instantly into job detail reports to isolate the issue and resolve it. This time capsule approach to business intelligence ensures that management-by-exception, the key philosophy behind the FAST Builder Management System, is working at all levels within your organization.

Advanced Technology Bed

FAST Insight infrastructure is written in ASP.NET 1.1 (the latest version) using C#. Data is portrayed utilizing Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and SQL 2000 Analysis Services Cubes.

Other Applications

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"FAST Insight" is part of the Constellation FAST line of products, developed by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems.

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