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Condo Manager stores names, addresses, alternative mailing addresses, multiple phone numbers, and email addresses for all owners in the association. Condo Manager has the ability to use automatic alternative addresses during a specific period of time. Each owner can submit special emergency instructions such as if they will need assistance, and Condo Manager can store the information and print a report in case of emergency.. Condo Manager is a complete tracking system; it will track information on assessments and other regular charges for owners. Condo Manager even prints or emails letters and statements for homeowners. The software also gives direct access to the owner’s balance, account statement, communications, architectural history, and CC&R violations. A user can also use up to 10 custom data fields to name at their own discretion and attach any file to the fields.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Owner Information:

"Owner Information" is part of the Condo Manager line of products, developed by Condo Manager.