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The communications tool in Condo Manager has a fully integrated word processor and email client that makes it easier to send correspondence directly from the system. One can print or email letters, account statements, and work orders directly from the Condo Manager screen. Each email or letter is archived in the recipient’s communication history for future retrieval. Mailings can be set-up automatically to print or email to the owner based on their preference. In an event of miscommunication, one can access any phone conversations with homeowners, board members, tenants, and vendors that are tracked in Condo Manager. It is recommended to include any communication histories in monthly management reports to let the board see everything that happens on a daily basis with their community. All communication items are recorded with the date, time, recipient, and sender to accurately record communication.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Communications:

"Communications" is part of the Condo Manager line of products, developed by Condo Manager.