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Service Manager 2000

A multi‑module management system designed by Conative Systems.
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Service Manager 2000™ is a service software system integrated to Mas90/200 and designed to cover several major service-oriented industries.

Service Manager helps you…

  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Stream line Inventory Usage
  • Track Material Use and Cost
  • Increase Job Efficiency
  • Produce Management Reporting

Tightly integrated to Mas90 from Sage, Inc. we offer a seamless product line that is easy to train.

Functionality Modules

Service Agreement Service Manager 2000 Contract Processing is a well-featured service contract system that provides the functions to efficiently and profitably manage your Contract needs.…

Dispatch & Scheduling Scheduling/Dispatch is a integral function within Service Manager 2000. Service Order, Contract, and Preventative Maintenance can all schedule tasks. Miscellaneous time such…

Service Inventory Advance Service Inventory (ASI) allows you to quickly enter and track your service inventory activity. Your Inventory quantities can be updated and inquired instantly during…

Service Order Service Order Processing tends to be the most used component in the Service Manager 2000 system. Here you may quickly enter all of your business’s service request data.…

Reviews of Service Manager 2000

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