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Conative Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Conative Systems Inc. provides a complete service-industry software package.

We offer single system solutions for your entire service department that helps in numerous ways including; reducing cost, increasing revenue, streamlining labor expense and delivering exceptional service.

CSI was established in 1990 with the purpose of developing a complete software system for the service industry powered by the world-class accounting system.

Since the early 1990’s we have focused on the creation of robust and versatile system that not only fits many industries, but offers a surprising number of features.

Our Staff includes programmers, accountants, trainers and customer support. Our approach to implementation involves a qualified trainer typically an accountant or system analyst which enables us to provide a high level of professional consulting along with the implementation of your business system.

We have learned much over the years. Most importantly, a system to fit this industry must have a powerful accounting system and contain the unique features required for daily operations of a service-based company or department.

Our goal is to develop lasting relationships with our customers by creating quality, feature rich software in response to your needs.

We know that if our software increases your business profits and quality then we will also benefit. To ensure success, we provide you with:

  • Feature-rich Software and Documentation
  • Implementation packages including on-site training
  • Phone Support and Support Packages
  • Software enhancements
  • System Upgrades
  • Training documentation for customer’s internal training
  • Professional services including Crystal Reports, Accounting and Project Management

We place the highest value on feedback from the reseller and End User. We have a database system for entry and processing of Service Manager feedback. This allows us to identify priority upgrades and maintain an upgrade schedule valuable to all.

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