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Reporting - VisionCore includes over 400 default reports that can be customized with the included report designer.

Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel or Text and can be emailed using the built-in email control.

Group your favorite reports - Many users have a handful of reports that they frequently run. The problem is those reports are usually in different groups or sections. The Report Favorites solves this by letting you group all your frequently used reports in one location making it easy to find them.

Email reports with a click of a button - You use the built-in email control to email any report without Outlook or any other emailing program. VisionCore will automatically convert the selected report to a PDF format that anyone can display.

You can email to multiple recipients, include multiple reports or attachments, set various email options including HTML or Text.

Powerful report criteria for all reports - Every report comes with a set of default criteria to allow filtering reports in many different ways. You can easily add additional criteria and set a variety of options, conditions and sorting which can change the way the information is displayed or grouped.

If you need a certain set of criteria for a specific report, that criteria can be saved so you don’t have to keep changing it each time you run the report. Saving custom report criteria is user specific, therefore your changes will not affect anyone else.

Customize reports or create your own - One of the most powerful aspects of the report module is the included report designer. The powerful report designer gives you complete control over every detail of a report. You can fine tune were data prints, move controls, add new fields or labels, change font styles, setup groups, edit the data source or anything else you can think of. In fact, we used the report designer to create every report you see in VisionCore.

Visual report query builder - There is an included visual query builder that allows users to easily build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual query building interface. You can create your own report queries or edit any of the 500+ included queries.

Report Wizard - Use the included report wizard to easily create new reports that can be used throughout VisionCore. Pick from hundreds of existing data tables and then choose the fields to include, configure groups, choose the sorting and set other report options.

Add charts, lines, color, barcodes, image annotations, cross section controls and snap lines to design the perfect report.

Your new report is saved in your database and is immediately available to you or any other users you assign it to. You can even set report permissions in the security form on any new report.

Barcodes - Choose from over 30 barcode styles including the latest postal codes and six new barcode symbologies.

Some of the barcode styles include Ansi39, Code 2 of 5, Code39, Code 128, Code_93, PostNet, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E0, UCC/EAN –128, Code49, RSS14 and many more.

Report Charts - The chart control includes 22 of the most commonly used 2D and 3D chart types, including XY charts and financial charts.

With advanced charting features like custom axes, annotations, markers, legends, and constant lines, you can create any chart you need.

Other Features

  • Customize any report and save it as a new report without altering the original
  • Built-in Report Designer
  • Create new reports using a powerful wizard
  • Financial Report Generator
  • Group commonly used reports in the Report Favorites section
  • Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel or Text
  • Reports can be emailed using the built-in email control
  • Configure report criteria and set a variety of options, conditions and sorting
  • Saving custom report criteria is user specific, therefore your changes will not affect anyone
  • Visual SQL query builder
  • Includes over 30 barcode styles
  • Included chart control contains 22 of the most commonly used 2D and 3D chart types
  • Import and Export Reports to share with other users.
  • Configure reports to sort on multiple fields
  • Multi-page report viewer.
  • Find data in any previewed report.
  • Report table of contents and thumbnail views
  • Use the security form to set report permissions
  • Set default printers for each report per user.
  • Set the default number of copies to print for each user.
  • Configure if a report should print collate
  • Ability to disable the Print Dialog box when printing
  • Report Image Annotations
  • Cross Section controls and Snap Lines
  • Custom Report Mapping

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reporting:

"Reporting" is part of the VisionCore line of products, developed by Comtech Solutions Worldwide.