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Point of Sale - The integrated Point of Sale module is an extension of the Sales Order module. It can be used to handle walk-in customers using a touch screen monitor fast and efficiently.

The POS form is all about speed and limited use of the mouse. All transactions entered in the Sales Receipt form will also appear in the Sales Order form.

Cash Register Login - Login by entering your user name, password, starting cash, store and warehouse.

VisionCore will then track all sales you make as well as all payments received.

Entering Items and Adjustments - Use a barcode scanner to enter items by either the item number or UPC code. If you need to adjust a price you can do so by touching the price column and entering the adjustment. Every screen has been optimized for touch entry.

Handle a Variety of Discounts - You can enter discounts per line item or for the entire order. The discount can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the entire order.

Receive Multiple Payments - Handle multiple payment types with ease. You can process credit cards or gift cards using the integrated (PCI compliant) payment processing add-on.

Choose the default receipt to print and easily customize it to fit your business.

End of Day Logout - At the end of your day you can log out and VisionCore will automatically total up your drawer.

Enter your ending drawer balance and view a detailed end of day report with details of all your sales.

Other Features

  • Fully Integrated Point of Sale module
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Works with any barcode scanner
  • Integrated payment processing to process credit cards and gift cards
  • Works with any credit card swiper
  • Works with any touch screen monitor or use the mouse and keyboard
  • Tied directly into the sales order module
  • Tied directly into the accounts receivable module for consolidated reporting
  • Secure register login includes user name, password, opening drawer balance, store and warehouse
  • Extra large fonts for easy reading
  • Fast item lookup by item number or UPC code
  • Create fast cash customer sale or select any customer from the customer form
  • Override tax on any item
  • Popup form to quickly enter a quantity when purchasing the sever of the same items
  • Scanning the same item twice will increase the quantity or the original instead of adding another line item
  • Adjust the price for any item with a touch friendly popup form
  • Add or edit the discount for any item with a touch friendly popup form
  • Discount entire order or just a line item by percent or amount
  • Receive multiple payments including cash, check, credit card or other payment types
  • Automatically print receipt and start new order after processing payments
  • Lookup past sales receipts
  • Lookup customer information and history
  • Process a return on a past sales receipt
  • Use barcode scanner to scan printed receipt to lookup past sales receipts
  • End of day drawer balance and reporting
  • Securely Log out without closing out your register
  • All transactions processed through the POS will automatically appear in the General Ledger real-time
  • Run sales reports to see totals from each register and cashier
  • Edit existing line items
  • View pictures of scanned items
  • Add a new item to inventory on the fly
  • See the item count on screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts for all function as customizable
  • Use the security form to restrict access to any functions of the cashier

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Point of Sale:

"Point of Sale" is part of the VisionCore line of products, developed by Comtech Solutions Worldwide.