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Streamline your entire manufacturing process to help you respond quickly to customer demands.

The integrated manufacturing module gives you the tools you need including, bill of materials, machine expenses, material costs, staging, retention, budgets, industrial/capital details and MRP.

Bill of Material Setup

Using the Manufacturing Setup Wizard you can easily create your bill of materials, machine specs, stages and other product expenses. The Bill of Material form will help you stay on top of all your expenses.

Manufacturing Order

Create a manufacturing order to track each item you are manufacturing. Then use the Stages to Process to track the status of every stage in your manufacturing process from simple to complex jobs.

Stages to Process

Configure materials, machines and other expenses needed for a specific stage. You can also configure the By-Products to be manufactured in a specific stage.

Industrial / Capital

You can use this form for comparing your Manufacturing Budget figures vs. Manufacturing Actual figures based on the stages you setup. Multiple charts can be displayed for stage progress, BOM setup progress, time discrepancy, stage total cost and process cost discrepancies.

Cost Type

Setup all your most commonly used cost types so you can easily reuse them to save time when setting up new bill of materials and stage to process details.

Material Requirements Planning

Use the MRP form to generate detailed single screen report to help you plan and track each of your items.

The MRP provides up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, quantities required, machines needed, manufacturing costs and other elements that affect planning decisions.

Other Features

  • Manufacturing Wizard
  • Bill of Materials
  • Bill of Material Specs
  • Bill of Material Cost and Expense Summary
  • Machine Number, Name and Costs
  • Material Items, Quantity and Costs
  • Stages
  • Prerequisite Stages
  • Manufacturing Order
  • Stages to Process
  • By-Products
  • Retention
  • Budgets
  • Industrial / Capital Details
  • Industrial Details and Progress Percentage
  • Industrial /Capital Bar Graphs
  • Capital Details – Stage Number, Budget, Actual and Difference
  • Time Discrepancy Graph
  • Flexible Cost Type Setup
  • Material Requirements Planning Reports
  • User defined powerful grid searching
  • Group by any column in the Search Form
  • Export and summarize search information
  • Advanced searching options available

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacturing:

"Manufacturing" is part of the VisionCore line of products, developed by Comtech Solutions Worldwide.