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Inventory Management - Manage your warehouse and inventory levels more effectively by tracking costs and sales history by warehouse.

You can setup multiple category levels and pricing levels for each item. Track stock, committed, allocated, back orders and units on order automatically.

Inventory Pricing - You can setup multiple pricing levels, special pricing, price lists, customer pricing and pricing methods for each inventory item.

Pricing levels can be configured based on min/max quantities per unit of measure. Price Lists can be configured if you need to assign different prices to certain customers.

Inventory Stock - You can have VisionCore automatically track units in stock, committed, allocated, back orders and units on order for each warehouse and set reorder points as well.

Setup default accounts to track sales income, inventory assets and cost of goods sold.

Inventory Stock Drill Down - Drill down on In Stock, Committed, Back Order and On Order quantities to see the transactions.

Categories and Subcategories - There is no limit to the number of categories or subcategories you can create in VisionCore.

You can assign your products to as many categories as you like.

Warehousing - Track multiple warehouses and transfer inventory between them. Each warehouse can track stock, committed, allocated and units on order for every inventory item.

When placing orders you can filter by warehouse and even assign a default warehouse to each of your customers.

Inventory Assembly Items - Configure an item as an assembly item and you can associate items that are required to assemble a new inventory item.

Using the Build Assembly Item form, you can build those items based on quantity in stock and sell them as new items.

Inventory Matrix Items - VisionCore is designed to fit all areas of multi-dimensional inventory (items that come in various sizes, colors, materials, etc.).

Allowing the ability to create and maintain items with attributes that might include size, color, material, style, pattern, seasons, etc.

Inventory Lot & Serial Number - Classify inventory items to require and track lot numbers or serial numbers.

When purchasing or building your inventory you can assign serial numbers or lot numbers and track them when selling the items.

Kitting - Choose different display styles like a bullet list, selectable drop-down menu, radio style list, checkbox, or include items that are hidden. Decide which of the kit’s member items are required and which are optional, and how the kit will be displayed on quotes, orders and invoices.

Create more than one kit to and assign different pricing to each item in the kit. Kit items tie directly into the AbleCommerce add-on module.

Other Features

  • Inventory Assemblies
  • Inventory Kitting
  • Inventory Service Item Types
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Lot Numbers
  • Vendor Item Number and PO Description
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unit of Measure, weight, length, width, height and volume
  • Status and Custom Class Code
  • Inventory Currency designation
  • Landed Cost
  • Manufacturer Details
  • Taxable and Tax Exempt Amount
  • Drop Ship
  • Commissionable and special commission options
  • Inventory Pricing Levels
  • Inventory Special Pricing
  • Pricing Lists
  • Sell Price Pricing Methods
  • Purchase Costs (Standard, Last, Average and Fixed)
  • Drill down to Warehouse Details I* nventory Warehouse Transaction History
  • Drill into In Stock, Committed, Allocated, Back Order and On Order details
  • Default Accounts by Warehouse
  • Warehouse bin, row and location
  • Hide Inventory option
  • Reorder Point
  • Royalty Information
  • History of Last Order, Expected, Entered and Modified Dates
  • Unlimited User Fields
  • Images, thumbnail and icons
  • Inventory Specs
  • Alternate Vendor with Vendor Item Number and Cost
  • Inventory Monthly and Yearly Analysis
  • Ability to attach documents to an Inventory Item
  • Duplicate Inventory
  • Duplicate Pricing Levels
  • Copy Warehouse Row, Bin and Location
  • Inventory Quick Estimate
  • Inventory Matrix Types and Groups
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Build Assembly
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Update Inventory Pricing
  • User defined powerful grid searching
  • Group by any column in the Search Form
  • Export and summarize search information
  • Advanced searching options available

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Management:

"Inventory Management" is part of the VisionCore line of products, developed by Comtech Solutions Worldwide.