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Fixed Asset Tracking - Fixed Asset tracking is fully integrated into VisionCore, so you can manage your fixed assets, such as equipment, trucks, machinery, and computers, from start to end.

Enter fixed assets, calculate depreciation, record asset purchases and sales, and print reports.

Fixed Assets - Setup and track the depreciation of each fixed asset. Check the depreciation status and history including the current book value, year to date and life to date depreciation.

You can attach any related documents to your fixed asset to keep everything in one place.

Fixed Asset Contracts - Use the Fixed Asset Contract form to track monthly or yearly contracts for maintaining fixed assets. Process contracts to create bills to send to your vendors.

Calculate Depreciation - All fixed assets, with the exception of land, lose their capacity to yield services. You can have VisionCore automatically calculate the depreciation for all of your fixed assets.

Fixed Asset Journal - Use the Fixed Asset Journal form to view the depreciation transactions calculated in Calculate Depreciation form.

Other Features

  • Straight Line depreciation method
  • Declining-balance depreciation method
  • Calculate Depreciation
  • Depreciation Conventions
  • Depreciation Status
  • Salvage Value
  • Current Book Value
  • Un-acquire Fixed Assets
  • Dispose Fixed Assets
  • Transfer Fixed Assets
  • Depreciation History
  • Attached unlimited documents to each fixed asset
  • Track fixed assets in different currencies
  • Fixed Asset contracts
  • Recap Fixed Asset Journals
  • Several Fixed Asset reports included

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fixed Assets:

"Fixed Assets" is part of the VisionCore line of products, developed by Comtech Solutions Worldwide.