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Customers - At the heart of the CRM module is one of the most feature rich customer forms you will ever use. Check your customers history, notes, contacts, clients, email, user fields, attachments, activity, pricing, multiple ship to addresses, analysis, rewards, credit limits and much more.

Find your customers with ease using a very powerful grid based search form that can filter data from any field and is completely customizable per user.

Leads - Easily Import all your leads and track everything about them. After qualifying a lead you can easily convert them to a prospect or customer.

Prospects - It’s very important to follow-up with your prospects so you can eventually turn them into customers. The Prospect form will give you all the tools you need to successfully convert your prospects to customers.

Opportunities - Sales Reps can use the Opportunities form to track the progression and stages while working with customer and prospects. Opportunities can be automatically created from your quotes in the Sales module. You can also initiate a quote from the Opportunities form.

Schedule Activities - Having your activities and schedule available to you within VisionCore will keep you on time and up to speed. Scheduling an activity with a lead, prospect or customer is easy to do.

Keep the activity private for you or allow others to see. Manage and organize your day, week or month by categorizing your activities.

Campaigns - Managing and track campaigns from lead capture to close. Make decisions about where to invest, while verifying your actual costs and expected response.

Email Campaigns - Mass email your prospects and customers about new products, promotions or specials. Send sophisticated HTML emails or plain text emails.

Other Features

  • Customer Item Purchase History
  • Customer Sales Transaction History
  • Store unlimited Attachments for each customer, prospect or lead
  • Drag and Drop unlimited emails from Outlook for each customer, prospect or lead
  • Unlimited Notes/Logs for each customer, prospect or lead
  • Unlimited Contacts for each customer, prospect or lead
  • Schedule activities for each customer, prospect or lead
  • Unlimited user defined fields for each customer, prospect or lead
  • Convert Leads to Prospects or Customers and retain all data entered
  • Convert Prospects to Customers and retain all data entered
  • Entering zip/postal codes automatically fill in the City, State/Province and Country data
  • Map addresses in Google Maps or Yahoo Maps
  • Set customer credit limits
  • Track customer and prospect time zones.
  • Initiate Quotes, Orders, Invoice directly from the customer or prospect form
  • Phone numbers automatically populate the country and city code
  • Unlimited Ship To addresses for customers and prospects
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Rewards/Points
  • Customer and Prospect Special Pricing
  • Customer and Prospect Category Pricing
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Markup S&O Cost
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Discount Sales Price
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Markup Standard Cost
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Percent of Margin
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Multi-Level Pricing
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Retail Pricing
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Last Price
  • Customer and Prospect Pricing – Inventory Price List
  • Set Customer and Prospect default warehouse
  • BizCore integration with Customers and Prospects
  • Leads can be disqualified
  • Search for customers only or both customers and prospects together
  • Automatically schedule events for new customers and prospects
  • Create Opportunities for customers or prospects
  • Customizable stages for opportunities
  • Opportunities can be tied directly to Campaigns
  • Generate quotes directly from an opportunity
  • Track estimated revenue, actual revenue, budget cost and actual cost for campaigns
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendars to view activities
  • Show scheduled activities on startup
  • Enable Reminders to display in the Windows notification area

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer Relationship Management:

"Customer Relationship Management" is part of the VisionCore line of products, developed by Comtech Solutions Worldwide.