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This application is included with all three CompuTool levels

CompuTool Sales Scheduling is fully integrated with other key applications in our online suite-and provides 2-way synchronization to Microsoft Outlook ®.

Take the guesswork out of your sales scheduling. Regardless if you are scheduling one salesperson or an entire department, you will see who is available and when. Personal time will show up as “busy time” so you won’t have to reschedule. And since we utilize 2-way synchronization changes are automatically sent back to the master calendar as they change.

Our integrated sales scheduling will provide you with more accurate sales analysis. For instance, you will be able to track exactly how many appointments you had with a lead, prospect or customer and what the result was for a true closing percentages and batting averages and of course deliver true cost per lead and cost per sale analysis.

Other Applications

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"Sales Scheduling" is part of the CompuTool line of products, developed by CompuTool.