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This application is included with all three CompuTool levels

Manage your projects more successfully and increase your professional image with proper Project Tracking; keep track of all pertinent information by specific job and customer. The best time to insure profitability and customer satisfaction is while your jobs are in progress, not after the fact. The project tracking feature provides a roadmap and a dashboard view of exactly where you stand, all in real time.

Each segment of your project has a specific budget, so you can keep track of profitability as the job progress and should there be budget over-runs you will know whether the problem was in the estimate, or the production. Project tracking keeps track of materials used so you can increase customer care after the completion of a project, for both repairs and warranties.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Tracking:

"Project Tracking" is part of the CompuTool line of products, developed by CompuTool.