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This application is included with all three CompuTool levels

The heart and soul of a remodelers business is being able to provide timely, accurate and consistent estimates. With CompuTool you can produce professional estimates with confidence- in minutes instead of hours.

Additions, deletions, material changes - Quick and easy!

A key feature of our Estimating is customizable assemblies-for pre-determined estimate templates. All assemblies are inclusive of exactly what it takes to complete a job and/or task so your estimators and your customers are clear on what is included and what is excluded from the project. No more absorbing costs that you did not anticipate.

Consistency is guaranteed, regardless of how many salespeople or production managers are estimating jobs. Markups can be held constant, or set to “limits” that allow for pricing flexibility but ensures that each job falls within acceptable gross profit margins.

CompuTool’s professional estimates can be printed right in the customer’s home enabling your salespeople to do one-sit closes and save time from unnecessary sits.

A remodeling contract can do more than protect the parties; it can actually help you close more sales. With our Contract Writer you pre-select specific details for all of your contracts so that you generate uniform contracts across your sales force with compelling features and benefits. To be sure, all items included and/or excluded can be added to your contract template so there can be no misunderstanding.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Estimating and Contract Writing:

"Estimating and Contract Writing" is part of the CompuTool line of products, developed by CompuTool.