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Computing Business

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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Computing Business Inc. (CBI) is a Canadian company specializing in the broad spectrum of technology integration, systems development, quality assurance and project management.

Founded in 1995, CBI has served some of the largest companies in Canada in various industries such as finance, retail, technology, entertainment and consumer electronics.

With over 20 consultants and business partners, CBI offers quality services at very competitive rates. CBI prides itself in completing all of its assignments to the clients’ satisfaction and a lot of CBI’s business comes from satisfied and repeat customers.

Computing Business Inc. (CBI) takes pride in its ability to maintain long-term client relationships through a solid track record of delivery. Since CBI inception, it had successfully delivered 100% of its project commitments to clients.

In addition to the strong technical expertise and project management skills of its consultants, feedback from CBI clients often points to the company’s flexibility, nimbleness, and adaptability.

With very low corporate overhead, CBI is able to provide very cost competitive rates to its clients including fixed-price contracts at very reasonable prices.

Product Lines

  • ERP BizSoln

    A multi-module management system designed by Computing Business.

    0 reviews
    • Mobile Solution

      A software system designed by Computing Business.

      0 reviews
      • POS BizSoln

        A point of sale application designed by Computing Business for retail trade companies.

        0 reviews

        Market Focus

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