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Computerized Management Systems

A developer of business management software.

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CMS has been developing transportation software since 1986. CMS currently provides a suite of dispatch, accounting and Internet based connectivity products and services for the truckload industry.

In 2003 CMS developed the Truckwin Direct Connect product to allow software users to perform collaborative logistics at the internet site doing business as Shippernet that effectively creates a National Private Network of Transport Carriers where shippers, agents, non asset based broker carrier and asset based transport carriers can work together interactively using the suite of products and services developed by CMS. In addition to the interactive load and available equipment posting within the Shippernet Private Carrier Network, users can now optionally post and remove loads and equipment at the “big 5” and over 30 additional independent subscription based and free bulletin boards using the Single Post™ feature now designed into the load order features of Truckwin.

CMS also provides the proprietary Nickel a Mile Profit™ program that is programmed right into the Truckwin system of accounts. The program is designed to cash flow and grow your transportation company and reach a 5 cent per mile after tax profit and more than a 20% return on invested capital. The program is available with training on-line, on-site or on CD.

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  • Truckwin Server Edition

    A software system designed by Computerized Management Systems for transportation companies.

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