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For many contractors, a good computerized payroll system can, by itself, justify the investment in a computer system. The Payroll module is a complete payroll system, providing the functions needed for payrolls from the simple, small crew of workers and a single job to the company with hundreds of workers in several unions working on many jobs spread across several states. Aside from simply producing employee paychecks, the Payroll also interfaces to General Ledger, automatically subtracting the payroll checks from cash and applying them to the various labor accounts.

Job Cost is also updated, allowing the system to post costs directly from payroll to your jobs. If you are using our Equipment Costing module, Payroll allows you to enter equipment costs as you enter employee time, which then posts to the General Ledger, Equipment Costing, Job Cost, and Time and Material billing automatically.

The Payroll module has been created with ease of use in mind. We recognize that a system, no matter how feature packed, must be usable by your office personnel. Therefore, we have attempted to phrase all menu selections, help screens, and the manual itself in plain English terminology, making it easy for you to convert from your present system, be it manual or computerized, to this software.

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