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The Inventory Control module includes all the components you need to track the costs of material you sell to a customer, a job, or even a piece of equipment. This module interfaces with Job cost, Purchase Order Control, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Equipment Costing, Contract Management and General Ledger.

The Purchase Order Control module is fully linked to Inventory Control, Accounts Payable and Job Cost. This module allows you to see what you have ordered but not yet received. The Job Cost and Inventory modules will provide you with Committed Costs on all your jobs. One of the special features of the Purchase Order module is the ability to issue Lot Price purchase orders. If your supplier gives you a lump sum price for a group of items that you are purchasing for a job, the system will track this group of items and tell you what items have been received and the total price accumulated on that purchase order.

The Inventory and Purchase Order Control modules have been created with ease of use in mind. We recognize that a system, no matter how feature packed, must be usable by your office personnel. Therefore, we have attempted to phrase all menu selections, help screens, and the manual itself in plain English terminology, making it easy for you to convert from your present system, be it manual or computerized.

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