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In the Accounts Receivable module you will produce the invoices your company requires. This includes standard invoices, time and material, contract job, unit price and even AIA (American Institute of Architects) invoices. Most of these types of invoices may be printed, either on custom forms or on plain paper, or simply posted to the Accounts Receivable program to back up and track a hand written invoice. One of the very useful tools of this module is the Time and Material invoice format. This format allows you to actually pull costs that have been posted in other modules directly to this invoice. This allows you to pull Purchase Orders, Payroll, Materials, and even Equipment Costs to your invoice.

Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with the General Ledger, Job Cost, Equipment Cost, Purchase Order Control, Contract Processing and the Inventory module. Using the Accounts Receivable module has many benefits beyond simply printing invoices. By using this module, you will post billings to the Job Costing module, allowing cost versus billing reports. Additionally, your sales, discounts given, sales tax, and other sales- related accounts in the General Ledger will be posted reducing the opportunity for a mis-keyed entry disrupting sales figures. Beyond invoicing, the Accounts Receivable module contains programs to print statements, past due notices, retention due, an aged trial balance and other helpful reports.

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